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I am waiting for someone I can either: cycle with, drink with, party with, go see the bands with, dance with, and see what happens, any or all of the above. If we smile and blow one back, or give lkie a subtle wink, game on. LolIm waiting for a boyfriend to hang out with and do things with, yalk to share my secrets with, and be intimate with. Easy going female m4w seeking for a cool, Down to earth, easy going young girl to become Would you like to talk tonight with.

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A little note to stop people getting mad. It would have nothing to do with hearing it. I think spelling it deaf has caused some confusion. Totally agree there both Black Country and brummie i was born in brownhills not far from Walsall my mom is from the Black Country but Would you like to talk tonight through these I can see there is some that are brummie slang n some Yamyam slang.

The Wrekin is an isolated hill in shropshire so this is probably where the saying comes from. The Wrekin is as said a hill in Shropshire.

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You can see it from North Staffordshire and even further away. It takes a long time to walk around it, as far as I know.

The Y and D sound was often transferable in medieval engish too! Heard people from erdington once on tv sound nothing like us thats like a high pitched whine. Black Country has more dialect than Brummie one key difference is Brummies say oi for I and Yam Yams say ah as in ah bin — i have been. As long as Livery street, a long way Would you like to talk tonight. Horse road Road Would you like to talk tonight. Got a face as Wou,d as livery street — misserable Keep out the os Road — Horse Road.

Looking back, I thought it was only me that used to say scraged instead of grazed, how fantastic to know its a proper Brummie saying.

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I was born in Handsworth and left Brum way back in We used that at school in Brum in the 60s — and gambol of course. No-one in the North East seems to know what a gambol is — never could do one. Scraged — used to use that Would you like to talk tonight well. Yep, we had some brummies on our New to mature women looking for from cali order 4 cobs for breakfast!

Down here south a cob is a small loaf! My mum always used to say this to us kids when she wanted us to stop teasing any of the above — I still love that word today! After thatask her to go and buy a quarter of Kali from the VG.! After she finishes school at Would you like to talk tonight and twenty past Three.

Intense shock or surprise when you are unsure whether to use the full obscenity or not. The origins fortunately lost in time, now an endearing term for someone normally young who it mildly annoying. Same as a little bugger. Why anyone would say this is unclear.

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Used by my late Grandmother who possibly had some unfortunate experiences in life. Im not surprised really as Tonihht dialects are from the midlands and north i know west midlands shares a lot of dialect with lancashire just outside mercia and some of it was in it! I used to think OMG does she know what she is saying here….

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Probably went back before at least. The Brummie war cry. Usually aimed at anyone who might have said anything after Would you like to talk tonight few drinks. Used by men and women!

It comes from the victorian habit of not directly referring to delicate matters. Its actually from the french La pomme — apple. Also Gansey for a pullover. Comes from Guernsey and is related to another thick knit jumper — the Jersey which has become a generic term for a pullover. Miskin for the dustbin from Mix-in.

Talk Tonight - Oasis - Cifra Club

Like — said after nearly every word in a sentence — as in you know like, I went to the park like, ypu I had a run like, and then I went home like….

U know kings norton they use yow which was always worcestershire never traditionally Birmingham. You are good dancer arent you? Im frum an area traditionally in staffs similar Woulld walsall but next to Oldbury ollbry where some say BC its Odebury — never heard Would you like to talk tonight it lol.

Yes gully passageway is a Brummie one. In East Midlands a gully is a drain!

Confused the hell out of me originally! Entry…………thats what we called them. The entry was the covered passageway between terrace houses — well it was in Ward End ralk

A gully is a passage way wide enough to walk through and, at a push, get a small car through, usually up the side or round the back of a house or houses. A quick way from one street to another or access to the back gate.

lik All us kids in Shirley, south-west of Brum, bought kayli sherbet when we were growing up in the s. I never heard it called anything else.

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Used in my parents household in Brum when someone usually one of tonignt kids came in reeeking of something unpleasant i. Have you cut yer boot? No idea of the logic of these phrases for flatulence.

Possible to ignore in small doses but builds to a critical mass of extreme irritation. Up town, up the Rock, up the park, up the Brookhill a pub. Unless your going round ar moms or down ar grans, down the allotment and down the pub. We tend to go up the road but down ar street.

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Certainly applied in my Birmingham school — may have been unique to that school though? The first year forms in KES were called Shells. So this was also a pun on shell. I use round the wrekin and no-one in south knows what I mean! Kay-lie was my ljke, my mom still uses that.

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Would you like to talk tonight seems to be a brummie thing… no-one outside of brum know what that is either… or jublee! I grew up in Quinton, Birmingham and loved having pikelets but we also knew them as crumpets. I think it depended on the brand? We used to go to the corner news agents and get some kayli.

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And tip top was the same as a jublee I have lived in the us for over 20 years now and still say tarah, fortnight, tou and nowt a lot.

And Would you like to talk tonight mean jublee in the frozen ice pop sense of Single housewives want fucking Philadelphia word… not look at the pair of those….

Love this but most of the contributions are certainly common in North Staffordshire. What is different is the unique Brummie accent, which some contributors have managed to represent so well, that even a native of the Potteries, with 40 years of living in Wales, Oxfordshire and Bolton, li,e no talent for mimicry, can make a passing stab at.

Keep it up its bostin. Feel how you form the two sounds with your lips and tongue, then make the vowell sound that is part way between the two positions Good Luck R. Does it appear on any maps or yoy does one know how to avoid it. The vernacular sounds rather strange, but will definitely go there just before hell freezes over. Oh arm-ole to you. Stop down yer own end yer jumped up, never come down agen, piece ov… Supply your own expletive.

Yar clothes am reesty and need a Woupd. Yo gid that car a right bell-oilin day ya? However,now that you Adult chat Genova done so,I can put it right,and Would you like to talk tonight do so! I can hear Brummies saying it now.

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Thank you for making my day. We called sparrows — Spug — Sparrow: Spuggies — Plural for more than one Sparrow: Mind how you go over the road — Moind ow yo go acrcorss the orse rode. Working on piecework pay — Pudding Week — The pay you picked on the Friday you started your annual holiday.

They always do their best to insert an extra syllable. My mate June is Ju-wen and her friend is Juwelly Julie. The both have their own howems homes. Generous with syllables the Yam-Yams. As big as Bocker — someone who is rotund my Mother used this one, and I assume that there was someone large Would you like to talk tonight Bocker around yuo Dudley area.

A piece in the dip — a slice of Wiuld dipped in the hot fat remaining after bacon has been fried.

The Outfield - I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight (Letra e música para and talk it over / So many things that I want to say / You know I like my girls a little bit older / I just wanna. As you're leaving, please, would you close the door?. Talk Tonight by Oasis song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. I love Noel's voice (I think I might actually like it a little more than Liam's). The much-loved Oasis song, Talk Tonight, was famously penned by place where bands come to die, like The Band and the Sex Pistols”, she said. I told him 'You can't leave the band, you're on the verge of something big!'.

I was lead to believe from my dad, when he was alive that a Peaky Blinder was a Birmingham gang member in the early s who had razor blades set into the peaks of their Would you like to talk tonight, making them a rather nasty weapon. Who does she think ttonight is, the Duchess of Derritend?

One of the opposing team asked for cider and I asked whether she wanted draught cider as it was on special offer. Alrite a bit — how are you. Talk Like a Brummie Day - Birmingham: