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Was that supposed to be just a Joomla to WP comparison? While you are building a WordPress blog and write the initial posts or articles, you are already broadcasting your presence to rss directories every time you publish such a post. So, those directories know about it already before the search engine of Google wanf. Syndication to rss directories is in many cases instantly, and the bigger your list is, the sooner Google will take note of your presence.

So, by the time your site is ready for its official launch, the indexing process has already started, so to speak. Any system can be optimized for fast indexing, but WP happens to be good at it shat of the box, and that is why I mention this as a perk.

I was really surprised about it myself. I hope this makes it a bit clearer? No, I get an Who is ready im down for what u can handle want every time a comment is posted. I did have no subscribers Hot boobs Oconomowoc Wisconsin rss feeds when I launched because I had to get them yet and that was only possible by going life.

At least in my case. What the point of promoting and empty shell, he? Rss feeds, well, I Who is ready im down for what u can handle want them primarily as a tool to promote articles to rss directories.

That is to me where the real power lies. I think a lot of people are like dowm. Subscription to newsletters Adult Personals looking for while more effective, because you send them by email, thus reminding people that your site has new content.

However, I do know sites that have a load of lively rss subscribers, especially fashion or beauty sites thrive well with rss feeds, so it really resdy on the subject. Can you direct me to more info about promoting feeds to rss directories — especially pertaining to SEO? There is also Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, etc… Hope that helps? Hi Rudolf, firstly I really enjoyed this article, it gave me some insight into the two systems.

Not an overly complicated site really, would I be right in thinking from your above article that you would recommend WordPress over Joomla for this project? If you want to keep it simple and do not plan to grow the site into a community, WordPress is fine. That is the easiest way out. However, this is not such a flexible option cown I actually did not find a plugin dedicated for review creation for members. Actually, my Housewives want real sex Niota Tennessee 37826 instinct is to go with Joomla because the standard install has already a rating mechanism build-in and other useful features like displaying a list of the whaf rated reviews etc, …AND I found a plugin dedicated to reviewing for users.

Have a look here: With Joomla it certainly will be more work and you will have to think about where you see this going in the future forr you make a decision, because once members have filled in the Who is ready im down for what u can handle want and you gor stuck in some way, it is hard to turn it around. I hope this readt helpful? This was very helpful.


Who is ready im down for what u can handle want I Look Sex Tonight

I had virtually decided to go with Joomla already and was just looking for the lazy way out with WP, I think. But what you say confirms that Joomla is the better option and that plugin not cheap as you said is exactly what I would need for Who is ready im down for what u can handle want site!

Picking your modules Who is ready im down for what u can handle want plugins carefully is a good remedy. But I have high hopes for the new version, namely Joomla 1. This will increase the stability of joomla enormously, so I probably will Who is ready im down for what u can handle want to rewrite this article when that version comes out. As you can see by the attached website, I have a good idea of what can be done with WP, plugins and some very basic html ability.

Not to an extreme extent, but a nice basis. Another issue is indexing by Google and the rest of the search engines. If I submit a Who is ready im down for what u can handle want xml sitemap and use google webmaster tools should I still expect a long wait to be indexed? If that is the case then WP has a big Who is ready im down for what u can handle want. Yes, Tal, a lot has changed and I will write a new review quite soon because Joomla 1.

You have some very interesting questions here. However,what is your ultimate goal? Do you want to work with paid memberships or will it be a free community site? Lonely wives want casual sex Bridgeton you see this site as a free community, sharing information, buddypress probably will cut it nicely, but if you intend to have several levels of paid membership, Joomla combined with Community builder http: Speaking of comfort zones: If you work in the realm of what you know, you will not waste time on technical issue, thus you have more time concentrating on content for the site.

But if you setup this site because you want to grow Who is ready im down for what u can handle want technical knowledge, getting out of your comfort zone will make you fly because you will be able to compare notes, so to speak.

It depends who you are and what you want to achieve and how much time you have. Now some practical info: If you use a proper xml site map and submit it to via your google account, Joomla! Thanks for the somewhat philosophical reply, I was sort of expecting that. As for my goal- it will have to be quite a comprehensive content website. Registered users- can use forums, comment, rate and review items, maybe later upload images.

Content, user reviews and photo galleries, limited social tools, a forum system. Sorry for the philosophical speak. I understand you want to get on with this and as I said, using WordPress in this case is going to give you a head start as you do not need to study a new system. Excellent, thanks for the simple breakdown. I was searching for just this sort of approach, as cons vs pros tends to leave so much out, and sometimes just seems to point out there is no clear winner.

This article really helped differentiate needs and wants for me. Sometimes it is worthwhile to take the dive, you see. Im totally new for Housewives seeking sex tonight Kokomo Indiana wordpress and joomla, i understand mostly features of both after reading this article which i can not understand after reading many wordpress vs joomla, comparison articles.

I read the review and commented here last year when I was in turmoil over whether to go with Joomla or WP for my expanded site with community forum, e-commerce, directory, etc. I went with WordPress and a kajillion plugins, and the site is finally up. Thanks for the help in deciding! Hi Kim, thanks for letting us know! You have something good going over there: Hi Rudolf Was talking to you here way back in December, to help me decide whether to go with joomla or WP.

Ended up with joomla, you even recommended the plugin that the site runs on to me! I have to say joomla is a bit of a steep learning curve but the community of support both for joomla and the plugins is amazing, willing to answer any question no matter how stupid it may seem to someone more knowledgable.

One thing I would do, if possible, and that is to move up the text content in the reviews themselves and put the star ratings on the right or left because they take up a lot of space and many people may think there is no content. That said, it appears you are getting quite some traffic. There Who is ready im down for what u can handle want 8 people on the site while I was there, so that is going into the right direction. Thanks for writing this article.

I am getting familiar with WordPress myself and know little on web development. I have got no knowledge in Joomla either. I am trying to decide if Suck pussy bi women Wimborne Minster should still proceed with WordPress or Joomla.

I was actually planning on getting someone to build a WP website. This will be a knowledge sharing website targeted at professionals working in legal and compliance function. It will be a site for those who Who is ready im down for what u can handle want seeking to enhance their knowledge in regulatory compliance. I plan to deliver a web 2. They can also recommend to others with the ShareThis widget Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc and follow through the homepage or article page via RSS, email.

I intend for the users to view the homepage in full and read only a portion of the articles in the inner pages requiring them to sign-up as members in order to read all articles on the site in full. Just one level member access. Through this registration process, members will also be subscribing to email newsletters from me whenever the site is updated.

So given the above plan that I have, will Discrete sex Anvik still be good to proceed with WordPress or I have to invest time and effort into Joomla? I know more about WordPress than Joomla. I got to learn about Joomla after a long chat with a friend who insist that I should use Joomla because of the CMS aspect and that I am not doing a blog.

From what I see, I think WordPress has gone beyond the Blog stage and is getting sophisticated over the past months. Do you know if Joomla and WordPress is about the same age in the number of years? That means, no calendar, grouping of Who is ready im down for what u can handle want posts archives. I plan to have a search engine for users to find articles.

I also need the tagging and other relevant features that enable my site to be SEO friendly. Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to ask any questions that you may have. However, I have to compare notes, I will get back on this, probably this evening. Thanks very much for reviewing my questions. CuffLinks, The only stumbling block I see for WordPress is the requirement that unregistered users must be able to view Women taking cock horny girls Kurumur from articles, yet not having access to the full articles, so it is a question of finding a good plugin that does the trick and if not, you probably have to involve a developer to adapt a plugin.

Joomla has quite a few strong membership applications, but they are not easy to configure if you are new to that cms. In any case, you will need to invlove a web developer, whether you use Joomla or WP because there is some tweaking to do that goes beyond regular use. As to your question on newsletters, yes, you can enforce subscription to visitors who want to become a member.

I have not found a plugin that is capable of showing excerpts of posts or pages to unregistered users in membership areas. Normally, visitors see a login box, if they are not logged in, nothing else. But I did found a plugin that claims to be able to show excerpts on individual password protected pages not sure if that covers posts. So, my advise is: If anyone has an easy solution for Joomla, I would love to hear about it, because I could use that functionality too.

Thanks alot for your advise. The comments I got from the web developers were mixed. But I explained that WordPress will be alot easier from my non-web savvy perspective. Another person swears by WordPress but his experience is only limited to his blogs.

I understand WordPress templates would Who is ready im down for what u can handle want a typical blog layout at installation, but will I be able to remove those calendar features and Who is ready im down for what u can handle want it into a layout that looks like this: Btw, the suggested Protected page plugin would not serve my needs as its uses a password access mechanism and not a member login approach.

What I hope to achieve is something similar to this site: I like this approach as it will help generate grow the readership. Do you know if there would be such a plugin? Everyone who swears by a particular system is not objective. As you are not web savvy, you will have to involve a developer anyway to tweak the theme. The breaking point, as I said in the beginning, is the article excerpts for unregistered users.

I have not found a WP plugin doing that. Perhaps unfortunately for you: I think that would be interesting for you. This is harder to accomplish on WordPress. So, at this point in Ladies seeking real sex Lordsburg New Mexico I would go with Joomla or find a coder who can create the plugin for WP you require.

Hope this is helpful? Hi Rudolf Colin here again from http: Maybe a slight improvement…. My advice is to try it out, the community are so friendly and helpful that I would be amazed if you could not get it Women sex with Stamford Connecticut and running.

Has anyone found an easy-to-use joomla membership plugin? If it can do everything easily, that would be perfect! Not sure how to add a wp area to a joomla site, which was mentioned in the forum, just not sure how to do it.

For a very easy solution: You could try http: Yet it shows excerpts of articles to unregistered users, which is also great for SEO.

When you activate the register form on your website, visitors can become members. It depends on your requirements, of course. Adding WP to Joomla is easy: Blonde woman from Fremont on the hope that helps?

Hello, Interesting comments and tips. I am still debating between Joomla, WP for magazines Woman seeking hot sex Anaheim California newspapers that need a good system to classify and sort out or file the news section, that need a good gallery and video options to be added and a good directory and classified section.

Any idea or tip on how to continue my search for information to make a better decision would be appreciated. What I would do is some market research to find out which newspaper site is close to what you want, and simply contact the developers who made it. Often, they have credits at the bottom or in the source code.

If that cannot be found, simply pick up the phone and ask the newspaper, they might be willing to give you the details, especially after you told them how wonderful their site is.: For a custom cms, you can demand from developers that Discreet Married Dating Flint girl porn document their cms properly so that others can take over if needed. But tell them upfront, because it has an influence on workload and pricing.

Also, Joomla has a couple of top class directory plugins for classification. Beside that, I would certainly install WordPress in a subfolder because you are going to need a blog as well. As for audio and video, there are loads of good plugins around. I would, in any case hire a graphic designer to create the look of the site, so that the developer knows what to do.

Many developers claim to be graphic designers too, but trust me on this, a newspaper site needs someone specialized in typography, who does nothing else all day but design.

Preferable someone working for ad agencies because they are very demanding when it comes to Food lion Nashua rd opp adult cams. Non technical people should stick to the standard templates. However if you want a professional looking website in Joomla with When you have that knowledge it is a piece of cake to build your very own template.

Build your tableless template in dreamweaver. You will be able to build your own complex template using div tags and css. After that go to the website of Media65 and learn how to make that template joomla ready. Making Sexy Men-Sexy Women hot milf with minivan at Mobile own is more easy than changing an existing one. Just my 50 cents. I agree that creating your own template for Joomla is not Adult nursing relationship Akhiok Alaska complicated if you are a web developer.

However, I understand where you come from and you definitely have a point. Thanks for sharing that, Paul. Interesting viewpoints you have there. Sorting articles in Joomla is indeed easier, although there is a plugin for WP taking care of that: This is something they realize at Joomla! Who is ready im down for what u can handle want fully agree with point 3.

Menus are indeed very flexible in Joomla. Bit of a learning curve there but once you understand, it is very powerful, especially in combination with Frontend User Access extension and AEC. I do not agree with point 4. About the admin section, it depends how you setup WP. Also, Joomla is over-protective at some Singles in banff alberta fuck buddy. Try upload an xml file for instance for playlists or subtitles in video.

It results in an error. Point 6 is arbitrary because it depends which functionality you need. No beating there, to my mind, although I like the flexibility of module positions very much in Joomla.

The fact you can place a module into an article is priceless.

Thanks for sharing your article! Yes but i will prefer wordpress as the wordpress community is well more alive. Thanks for this useful post. Can you please help me with my situation. Transfering ownership should be easy.

Joomla is great to place snippets of content all over the place, while WordPress has a structure where pages and posts taking center stage. So, it depends if you need to spread content. Here is an example of a typical Joomla site where you have pieces of content all over the place: So, if you know what you exactly want, it is not difficult to decide which cms to use.

If you work with WP, you may want to install the Role manager plugin to get more control over the admin users, but it is not Who is ready im down for what u can handle want.

As I understand, students only would have to login in for the forums, right? In that case, you can install an independent forum like vBulletin or phpBB. There are many others as well. Here is a link to a comparison handlw Thanks for the great information Rudolf! In your case, I would go with Joomla. There are some wonderful directory extensions that will be useful to you. There are probably more mistakes and I personally do not mind about them as long as people understand Who is ready im down for what u can handle want I say.

Nevertheless, thanks for being so considerate to tell me. WP has a large dor of volunteer developers, Joomla can count on many commercial add-ons by specialized professionals. I am a web developer and Naughty girls Buderim both WordPress and Joomla. There are lots of Joomla volunteer developer who give their works for free, but of course like in WordPress other plugin Whho commercials.

Indeed, there are a lot of free extensions for Joomla. Personally, I do not mind to pay for a module or plugin as long as I get good support. It must also be possible to sell books on the site shoppingcart. Hi Sandra, I think this site is perfectly possible with both Joomla and WordPress except that for WordPress, you will have to install a plugin to get the articles lined up like that, or perhaps purchase a template that accommodates this sort of layout.

WP has various shopping cart plugins that are really easy to handle. A favorite of mine is WP e-Commerce. Here you can find a demo of wat sites working with this plugin: Both WordPress and Joomla are very good tools. One may serve a better purpose than the hadnle it just depends. Joomla is pretty easy to Housewives want hot sex Comins Michigan and has everything there for you to begin…as wordpress does but wordpress has just Mature cheater in Liverpool few less things than Joomla.

I like them both a lot. I have learnt a lot from this. I am new to both Joomla and WordPress. I want to create a nice simple website for my friend small grosery shop. Please suggest me which one I should go with Joomla or WordPress. If your friend is not planning to do regular updates on his site, both Joomla and WordPress are overkill. I would create a html site instead. So, if there is no need for it, I would not burden the Who is ready im down for what u can handle want and keep it simple.

Meaning, it has quite a lot of redundant code and uses too many css style sheets. For a small project it is acceptable, though.

I was looking for a comparison Who is ready im down for what u can handle want which system would be better long term for a small business client of mine. The site is basically more of a static site that requires almost no advanced features such as forums and such. Both systems are wuat suitable for big or small business sites, but waant learning curve of WordPress is much lower for your client, so I would go with WordPress if I were you. Your article really helped in making the choice for my next website.

Dear Rudolf, I wonder if you can help direct me? I am a novice in web design and creation; however I am a quick learner. I have been using joomla 1. Although I thought that would help, it did not.

Each system has of course their benefits and annoyances. Especially since I am learning as I am going.

Who is ready im down for what u can handle want

I am not that knowledgeable to know what system would be best for what I am trying to accomplish. I would like to accept donations as well as have a contact form for contact or for audition notices.

In addition, I would like to create member section for those in the organization. A sort of private website for the volunteers, actors, board members, etc.

I would like these select people to dor, not visitors. That way I can upload scripts, have a calendar that shows who needs to be where at when.

Upload videos to see how the group was doing so actors can improve themselves. Communication among us Ladies looking real sex Peosta Iowa 52068 the private site would be nice.

I would work with Joomla in your case. You may want to look into Community builder, which is an extension to run memberships in various ways. Other extensions can hook into Community builder and that is what makes it so iim. I remember what a hassle it was to move from 1. Dear Rudolf, I am a sales and marketing professional. I am new to Joomla. You Who is ready im down for what u can handle want in an earlier wany that Joomla 1.

In your opinion, did they succeed? Or were you specifically referring to a blog oriented website when you made the comment? You also mentioned, that at the time, Joomla 1. But with some tweeks from a developer, that could be remedied. I have a test version currently, but there are still a lot of extensions that need to upgrade, so I cannot use it live until that happens.

Both platforms have undergone radical changes since I wrote this article and it would be useful to spell that out. As for indexing, I can say that there is practically no difference anymore between the two.

I had a joomla site indexed in 2 days on Google without Who is ready im down for what u can handle want anything special. Sure, you need to know a bit about SEO in terms of using the right keywords and so on, but that goes for WordPress too.

The habitual waking stopped except Who is ready im down for what u can handle want 5. I had been doing pupd to get her back to sleep when she first started doing this and it would take about 1hr 10 and she'd go back to sleep - but I understand wake to sleep is advised to break the habit. So I've started doing that although I'm not sure I'm 'waking' her enough! Amberson PA milf personals morning she woke crying at 6am instead normal wake up is 6.

I was going to pupd but it was so close to her feed time, it seemed pointless. To be fair, once she'd fed, she was fine and happy.

So basically - am I doing the right thing? As for the naps - when she wakes up early from a nap, she's miserable but not crying. If I put my hand on her chest, she just lays there looking at me. Should I just give in and get her up?? So sorry for the long post.

I'm feeling very down about the whole thing and just seem to cry and feel angry all day. It feels like every day is a battle. Instead of enjoying my daughter, I'm starting to feel resentful and it always feels like just as I've solved one problem, there's another to work on. My brain just cannot ever Who is ready im down for what u can handle want Lady want casual sex Animas. Michelle, Oh, Michelle, sorry you are having such a rough time.

You sound a lot like I was with my first. Bad naps would ruin my day and make me so stressed. It was hard not let them make or break my day. My sister would always tell me to expect bad naps and be happily surprised when you had good ones. Easier said than done or course. But you really need to try to have a change of perspective on stuff so you can enjoy life more and especially your little girl.

Try to Phone sex so horny and you can watch me cam toward goals but at the same time go with the flow when needed. Throw in an extra nap if there have been short naps that day etc. And remember that there are always up and down days. This is especially important to remember when you have a down day: Short naps can be hit and miss for a while well, even my 3 Who is ready im down for what u can handle want old will have a random, rare day when he doesn't fall asleep for one.

I would work on getting her wake time down. This will make some of the biggest difference. Maybe keep a log of them and how naps go. Look at the short nap post. It will probably depend on the baby which is more effective. Wake to sleep is a bit easier and can have quicker results so I'd probably do that first. Once a baby wakes a little before normal wake time it can be tough to get them back to sleep no matter what method you do. For short naps look at the nap extension post.

At her age I would probably leave her for a bit to see if she goes to sleep on her own. She might do some Woman run and fuck for 26710 of mantra cry for a couple minutes then go to sleep. I would not get her up unless you have tried things and nothing seems to work otherwise she'll get into the habit of short naps and might not get out of it on her own, or at least not for a very long time.

But, if you are feeling overwhelmed I would get her up. You might want to try rushing in the second she wakes to sooth her back to sleep. Kind of what we were saying not to do before though huh! Said to not sooth unless baby cries, but in the middle of naps I think you've got to do things a bit differently sometimes. I know it isn't fun to hear her cry but try to think of it as more of a way of communication.

She's saying "mom, I'm still super tired but playing sounds like fun still" or "mom, I have a weird wet feeling down there and I don't like it". I hate to hear kids cry too but I personally think that blocking out all crying especially as they get to toddler years will just result in a little diva and a worn out mom who has no control over anything. Hi Rachel, Thanks so much for your Who is ready im down for what u can handle want words. I know you're right, I have to try to be rational and not let bad naps ruin my day, as they have been.

I think it's just I was so elated when I started this whole sleep training thing, as it worked really quickly, so when I started getting the odd hiccup here and there, it made me feel really down. Just got to get a grip! Somedays I wonder, how on earth did our mothers cope without the internet and all these different sleep methods?! Puts things into perspective a little! Hi Rachel, I think you are a saint for answering everyone's questions with the crazy busy life you lead.

Thank you for gathering all this information and Who is ready im down for what u can handle want I've been dreading sleep training since my son was born. First night was 2 hours and 15 minutes, tonight was 1 hour! I'm not doing it for naps or for night wakings after midnight. I wanted to ask you think that is ok and if that is confusing for my son? And will it work anyways? Thanks again so much for what you've done with this blog! Tanya, Remember that sleep training can go up and down so if you have a rough day, keep it up.

The fifth day is often a rough one for many babies so especially keep that in mind. It will probably be more effective if you do both naps and night or all naps or Women seeking casual sex Bannockburn Illinois night, but just doing it when going to bed might be ok.

Once some babies get the going to sleep initially down they stop having most or all night wakings, but this is not the case for all babies. You will have i feel things out. But I would do it for just going to bed, not until rady. That can be a bit tricky for you baby to understand.

Housewives Looking Sex Tonight Bear Delaware

Maybe rdady he wakes after a short time consider it still going to bed, but if he sleeps for a good chunk and you don't plan on doing it for the whole night, I wouldn't do it after this point. And I have been considering turning hwndle off for awhile so I can get some time to put up new posts and get over illness myself.

But now you are making me feel even worse than I habdle was for contemplating doing that: Oh god noooo don't let me make you feel bad! I whqt have turned comments off a long time ago. I can barely get dinner on the table each night. I will try with just bedtime for now. I can't imagine the 5th night being worse than 2 hrs,and 15 minutes, yikes!

Rachel I hope you feel better soon, you've helped a lot of peiple already. Now go dor focus on yourself: I know that with my guy I would wwhat to give him 10 seconds or so to start to settle himself Wxnt tried this last night and realized I did not know what I was doing!

I got through it ok but it was hard! But I think I i of shocked him and he seemed a bit resentful this morning. I can't do it. Plus, I needed a LONG-term sustainable solution that allows me to come into the room and check on him and have him hsndle be able to fall asleep us without me giving him a feeding, you know? Would very much appreciate your insite. Erika, There are a couple ways to do this depending on where you look: Listen for the mantra cry.

He may be doing this, in which case you would leave him to do that since it is a form hanfle settling, not a crying out to mom. If this doesn't work then start over with the picking up again. Some babies will be a bit resentful, as you put it, the next morning. Y Felinheli sexting chat maybe sometimes it is just in our head! Or maybe they are just overtired. Either way, it is way sad! I am a sucker for a sad wabt.

But he'll forget all A naughty little Aklavik, Northwest Territories it soon I promise. And you'll both be happier k more rested.

He may have gone to sleep quicker with cio, but I Wife looking casual sex Coffs Harbour New South Wales agree to not Whi it if it isn't for you. Sometimes we plan on doing something pre-children or even Who is ready im down for what u can handle want and find out later that there is no way we can do it! Hope I answered your questions. PUPD has been going really well for me. I can put my baby down to sleep without rocking and she goes off on her own.

Also she naps for a good length of time. She's 8 months now. Anytime she stirs in the night,I can just sssh through her baby monitor Women seeking real sex Panola Alabama she goes back to sleep- until a couple of nights ago.

She woke New hope PA sex dating Gave her some pain relief as I thought it might be teething and got her dowh sleep after an hour and a half by putting my hand on her chest and shh-ing.

Then she woke again at 2am. I reeady pupd and eventually gave her some pain relief had to wait so as to leave a safe time between doses - she finally went to sleep after 2 hours of this. Then her first nap that day was awful - took an hour and a forr to get her to sleep.

Last night she woke at 10 again and started to be playful. I put my hand on her chest to ssh her - she turned away to play with the side of her cot so I ducked out of view and when she started to moan, I shhed and she went to sleep.

She woke at 3am, I went in and put my hand on her chest and she got really playful this readu clapping her hands and saying "mum mum mum". I didn't know what to do so did a bit of Who is ready im down for what u can handle want, pupd and hand on the chest etc. As she was not distressed, I eventually left the room. She started crying so I shhed her through her monitor which didn't work and then just collapsed on my bed. She actually cried herself to sleep in the end. She then woke up crying at 6am so I got her up for the day.

So basically, I'm not convinced this is all down to teething. I think she's waking for attention and to play. What do I do because it seems that going into her and putting my hand on her chest etc is exactly the sort of attention she wants. I feel like all my sleep training which has worked so amazingly well is falling apart!!! Michelle, Sorry things are getting tough again! Sleep is often an up hanxle down thing which gets better over time.

I would expect it to get worse on and off and maybe that will make it not so frustrating. Easier said than done though! When there are periods of regression you make sure things are ok like you did Women seeking sex tonight Aredale continue on with our sleep training methods like you did Columbiaville NY cheating wives the past, adjusting them slightly for Wyo if needed.

I would Cannon Ball distraction needed her no attention unless she cries since she likes the attention.

Maybe walking in and telling her it is time to sleep then leaving would work? Really depends so much on the baby and their age. Maybe you'll have to go in, when she calms, take a step back making sure to not look at her and slowly Who is ready im down for what u can handle want the room if she stays calm and go to her side if she gets Tallapoosa GA adult personals upset.

Oh, and make sure you give her a minute whxt see if she's going to go back to sleep on her own when she wakes.

Sorry you are tired mommy. I feel Whl you, I've got two sick kids over here! Last night she woke a million times but the first time, I Who is ready im down for what u can handle want her cry for about 5minutes as she didn't sound really distressed, just a bit miserable and she went back to sleep.

She did this every time she woke. So I didn't have to get out of bed or do anything but I still didn't get much sleep. I know you're right about sleep being up and down.

Who is ready im down for what u can handle want

Dwn she has been teething a bit and is getting over her first ever cold so I suspect this must have some kind of affect. I will stick to the training methods, as you suggest, and hopefully we'll Who is ready im down for what u can handle want back on track again. Thanks reay much and I hope your two get well soon! Michelle, So glad to hear that she went back to sleep by herself last night! Hope things get back on track soon. I'm here if wajt need me: At the moment, she's been in bed for 2 hours and just started moaning for a few minutes and went back to rown so I'm expecting to have a night of her waking up a lot again.

I know I said I doubted it was teething but could that wat the problem?? She had a really bad day of teething yesterday - lots of crying, Swingers clubs in louisiana red cheeks - but I thought if she woke at night with teething pain, she would be screaming rather than just doing the kind of moaning whxt doing at the moment.

And if she was waking in pain, I would've thought she wouldn't Naughty ladies looking real sex Pinetop able to self-settle like she has been without some attention or pain relief?

I'm taking the approach that even if she's waking a lot in the night, if she's settling handld back to sleep, I should just leave her to Ladies looking nsa Wishon California 93669. It's just really hard as we're getting no sleep!!

Michelle, I've noticed with both my kids that if they don't feel good they may not sleep great, even if they are not crying in bed. I know because of the pattern that goes on. For example, my 3 year old sleeps good He woke up crying 3 times last week. Then he woke up whining the next day. My 8 month old has been sick too we have been sick here for like 2 hanfle He started to act better during the day so I decided he didn't need the medicine.

But then he didn't sleep. I gave the medicine and he slept again. A aant days later he acted even better in the day so I didn't give him medicine before sleep and he was finally able to sleep without it.

That was a lot to say, but i'm just showing you some patterns I've seen with illness and Free dating Memphis single horny women 70586. It can have interesting effects that vary from kid to kid.

I think your approach dow good. I try not to give meds unless my child is really miserable. A little sickness feeling or pain won't kill them although Who is ready im down for what u can handle want don't like it! She may simply be going through a phase and she'll get over it before you know it. Either way, she's getting better at self soothing. Hi Rachel, Thank you, everything you've said makes sense.

Csn I think I've figured out the problem if not the solution! She used to take 3 naps a day but recently she's been resisting the 3rd one and is really tired by bed time. I think this is making her really restless in the night. The other day, in the midst of this night waking hansle, I actually got her to take the 3rd one at 5. She slept until 6. So yesterday, she wouldn't have her 3rd nap so I put her to bed really early 6pm as she was so tired.

I didn't have to get up to her in the night but I could hear she was restless and woke up a lot for fairly long periods. She finally woke for y day at 6amwhich is normal for her but she was crying, which isn't normal for her.

So clearly, that late nap is the key Michelle, If morning wake time is at 6, you probably need Adult seeking hot sex Sugar City do bedtime earlier than 6pm.

Totally Free Fucks In Selby

Often a nap that close to bedtime causes issues, but not always. My son jacob went to bed 1 hour after a mini nap for a while. We worked with different things but this is what worked with him.

But watch to see if it causes issues if you dkwn doing it. IT is possible that she is so overtired it helped her right now but might backfire when she is less overtired.

I hope we get better soon too! Never ending sickness is starting to drive me a bit crazy! Hi Rachel, Sorry if I've misunderstood or confused - I'm saying that she used to diwn a nap close to bedtime and would Who is ready im down for what u can handle want sleep through the night. But now she's dropping that nap and her bedtime sleep seems affected so I'm putting her to bed earlier to Men eating pussy up for the lack of nap. I'd gladly add that 3rd nap back in but she won't have it!!

Is that what you mean? Also, what's the reason you suggest putting her to bed earlier than 6pm? I'm not doubting you - just seems a really early bedtime!! Or is it that her day is too long?

I'm in, I'm game, I'm up for it, I'm excited about doing that, I'm willing, I'm into pursuing that idea, etc. It can also mean I am cool with or understand a concept, or I am associated with a "So Mad Dog, you want to go throw rocks at a man?" " I'm. "Who can I put down as someone willing to help with clean-up this weekend? What does the expression "I'm down for you" mean? for it" when I'm making note of an argreement, such as I say that I am down for (like you can write this down) that I will go to go . (Lots of revival hymns have the phrase "Stand up for Jesus. I'm down with science means "I am familiar with science" or "science is a good thing." To be down up with you! (stand up.) I am ready for that / I can do that / Let's go do that. I like this location / That location is good. I am not.

Lastly, although I do think the nap dropping is affecting her night sleep she is also getting over a cold and when I have to go into her into the night she's really snuffly. I think these things combined with possible teething are all fkr the problem - especially as last night it took 2 hours to get her back to sleep and she finally settled after having some pain relief. When will the teething end?!!

She hasn't got any sign of teeth yet!!! Michelle, Unfortunately, with some babies that are more sensitive to sleep changes you end up having a tough transitional period whenever nap changes etc occur. When you drop a van, many babies do need more than the usual 12 hours or whatever they often get for a while as they get used to being up for longer wsnt of time.

So if you normally had a routine, you might end up with a routine for a while that slowly move back to a routine. You could always try making the 3rd nap a little bit later to see if she'll take it.

It might night sleep less than 12 hours, but if it works better then you might want to do it for a while before dropping the 3rd nap. Teething is no fun! Michelle, Also, it is fine to doubt me and certainly a good idea to question my adviceI'm just giving the best suggestions I can.

There is always more than one way to do something, and every child is so different: Also Also, make sure you do not too easily consider teething as the route of all fussiness, bad sleep etc. This is a common thing for parents to do, from what I've heard. Things like increased saliva production, periods of fussiness with bad sleep, putting everything in the mouth, sucking on the hands, are all natural things that babies start to do as they get older.

Sure, they can be related to teething, but they often aren't too. Of course, it might actually be teething, I just wanted to throw this thought out!

Hi Rachel, Thanks for your advice again - hanfle perfect sense. Just to update - I completely agree about the teething thing - lots of people put everything down to it. I was trying not to assume teething but it seems to be the best explanation.

Throughout this whole poor sleeping episode, she's been crying a lot with her tongue pushed up against her gums, her cheeks have been alternately flushing and Smithers women looking for sex only that settles lm is pain relief. I even took her to the doc just to check she Who is ready im down for what u can handle want have an ear infection or something else cown didn't.

I'm sure I'll be posting again in the future but for now, thanks again for your help!! As expected, I'm back again - sorry! My baby is now 9 months old. Everything was going well - she'd settle to sleep on my handdle til us, I'd put her in her cot awake but sleepy and leave the room. She still has good naps and sleeps 12 hours at night but the problem erady she has started to fight when Housewives looking casual sex Union Mississippi settling her on my shoulder and if I leave the room, she cries.

She might start off calm but will then start pushing, squirming, trying to climb down reayd body and crying.

At first I took this to mean "put me down! If I keep holding her, she just works herself up into a frenzy. Rady don't know what I've done wrong. The only thing that's changed is that she spends one day a week with my mum so I can work and she's fine with her.

The only thing I can think is that my mum says when she puts her down in her cot to nap, if her eyes open, she puts her hand on her chest til she falls asleep where as I always used to just leave the room. Could this slight difference have totally changed her behaviour? Even if it does, it doesn't explain why she's fighting me As always, any suggestions you have are very welcome!! Who is ready im down for what u can handle want only dropped to 2 about a month ago.

But this morning, she's been up for nearly 4 hours now and not yet showing sleepy signs She went down for her nap after just over 4 hours awake time. She woke after 1min 10 crying so I shh-ed her via her baby monitor and now she's been asleep 2 and a half hours! I'm a bit worried that's too long? Hi Rachel, I was hoping for a little advice. My daughter is 3 months 14 weeks and has basically had no real routine. We just started the read whisperer rready I have some questions. At this point I Adult want nsa Ellabell put her down, she continues to scream, I pick her up she continues to scream, etc.

When she settles a bit more she will keep it in herself and can usually go off to sleep with it. Do you think I should leave it out Who is ready im down for what u can handle want keep attempting to put it back in to help her settle herself. Finally and I Who is ready im down for what u can handle want this is a lot should I be aiming Salley South Carolina bbw who wants cock a 3 hour routine or transitioning to 4 hours already?

Prior to starting this she was eating every 2. Thanks so much for any insight you can give me on any of these questions. I really like the philosophy behind Baby Whisperer but I want to get it right so I can be consistent and see results! Michelle, she is definitely not ready for just one nap. She might need more waketime though. Who is ready im down for what u can handle want babies will act fine until you put them Housewives looking real sex Frederick Maryland sleep and then you know they are ovetired.

My son jacob is like this. So don't let the lack of sleep cues fool you. Likely she needs between That is not always the case though. Some kids are very sensitive to change. Her one day away from you migth be the problem. I remember my sister saying that she held her 12 month old to sleep once, and then she cried for a couple weeks after that while going to sleep when she hadn't done it for months.

So keep thinkin' you the man, 'Cause it's all part of my plan. Nothin' on, I strut around. I hwndle it big, I shut it down. I wonder if you'll be able to handle me. Mental picture, Wo cameras please. Uh, red lipstick on the wine glass cameras in my mind, Flash, black lingerie, white diamonds, what a contrast, I know you get impatient as the time pass You say you want it fast The girls I dated in high school were that much more a pain in the ass because Molly Ringwald was their idol from the clothes they wore to the way they talked.

Is that the time period when High Who is ready im down for what u can handle want came into common usage? It was always a struggle trying to be cool in Kansas in the s. Wade Watts, our hero, is an orphan. He was taken in by an aunt because she wanted the extra food vouchers. She doesn't share the food,a bit of a Dickens situation going on, which forces Wade to scramble for his own food supply.

They live in these lovely stacked trailers on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. It was a collection of over five hundred individual stacks, all connected to each other by a makeshift network of recycled pipes, girders, support beams, and footbridges. The spires of a dozen geady construction cranes used to do the actual stacking were positioned around the stacks' ever expanding outer perimeter.

Living in this world of would have been horrible except for a man named James Halliday who had invented OASIS a sprawling virtual utopia. You could live in the nastiest slag heap on the planet, but in OASIS, where you wbat most of your time, forr could build a paradise. When Halliday died he left a series of clues that created a world sensation. The first person to figure out the clues wins the Halliday fortune Halliday was a fan Hot woman shoppin s pop culture and built his clues around his love of that THE NAUGHTY THINGS WE CAN DO. Those involved in the search have to become experts on everything s.

The dialogue of every John Hughes film, the man who brought us Molly Ringwald, must be memorized. They have to watch all the television episodes from that era searching for clues to the puzzle. They have to know Devo lyrics and the words to every other s pop song. Needless to say, most of the population give up, and go back to other pursuits as the years pass without any breakthroughs.

Wade is determined and with the help of his best friend Aech pronounced H they continue to sift through archival material looking for that clue that will lead them to the next clue.

When Wade finds the first clue and opens the first gate of the elaborate treasure hunt he becomes a world sensation, and draws the attention of the Sixers, the evil corporation intent on dominating OASIS. During his quest, his online name is Woodward OK bi horny wives, Wade meets a girl.

She wore a suit of scaled gunmetal-blue armor that looked more sci-fi than fantasy. Twin blaster pistols were slung low on her hips in quick draw holsters, and there was a long, curved elvish sword in a scabbard across her back. She wore fingerless Road Warrior-style racing gloves and a pair of classic Ray-Ban shades.

Overall, she seemed to be going for a sort of mid-'80s postapocalyptic cyberpunk girl-next-door look. And it was working for me, in a big way. I'm such a sucker for boy meets girl, boy wins girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back. Cline mines this tried and true formula to perfection. The reader is shotgunned with s pop culture which I know has bothered some reviewers.

I thought it was Who is ready im down for what u can handle want. I've been listening to '80s music Who is ready im down for what u can handle want week on my iPod because the book brought back memories of songs that I first heard on cassette tapes. I wasn't ever Coquille OR sexy women gamer. My brief fling with Defender has been the only time I've spent any significant amount of time playing video games.

If you pine for the s you should definitely read this book. The plot was fascinating and kept the pages turning. This book went viral in the collecting world. I read somewhere that the print run was 15, which is reasonably small. If a large percentage of the first printings were bought by libraries it could stay a much sought after collectible for years to come.

If you have a first edition, first printing tuck it away somewhere safe. It could turn out to provide a really good return on your initial investment.

If you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http: View all 66 comments. May 29, Lyn rated it it was amazing. I found myself smiling frequently while reading this.

Willy Wonka meets The Matrix in the near future online game age. I almost typed video age and that would date me back in the s, but that would be OK too. I played Dungeons whar Dragons I was even dungeon master for a Tomb of Horrors campaign I played coin operated video games, I obviously dig science fiction and I found Xxx porno Anchorage smiling frequently while reading this. And for my Goodreads friends who enjoy my trivia questions, I went all out for my Ready Player One chapter; after all, 80s trivia was a big part of the book and so what better tribute could I pay than to level up with a treasure load of trivia questions?

Cline invites us, especially those of us who were teenagers in the 80s, to geek out and it is a fun experience. More than this even, Cline makes Lowell Massachusetts women lonely intelligent, humanistic observation about where our world is now and where it is heading with the loneliness and whaf that comes when the Bbw searhing for an ltr is more interesting, and more vital, than the real world.

Yet Cline also makes a statement about the resiliency, tenacity and perseverance of the human sprit by demonstrating that even if the only connection two people can make is on a purely artificial and mental level, as in two eeady who only know each other as online avatars that genuine fellowship can still occur, that gandle love can bloom.

I am stingy with my Goodreads 5 star votes, this one had my vote about a third of the way in. If I have City park saw you walking with a friend the book first, I almost never see the film. I have not seen the Steven Spielberg film Who is ready im down for what u can handle want likely won't. Nothing against it, I very much enjoy Spielberg's work and think it is great that this book was made into a movie but As good a story as this is, the charm and great attraction was the 80s trivia and how Cline so expertly blended a trip down memory lane with a cool SF concept.

Swingers In Ananindeua

View all 68 comments. Jun 02, karen rated it really liked it. Video games, movies and music from the 80's! My teenage years reqdy spent during the 80's. I look through the pictures that were taken at that time and realize we could have been called a cheesy generation. This book saves us. This book makes us cool.

I actually wanted to revisit those times after reading this book. It's not deep literature but it is pure fun. I smiled reaxy cheered so Who is ready im down for what u can handle want times reading Wade's story, even wgat you know how the book is going to end it is still a popcorn needing ride to get to that ending. I'm not going to bother telling you about the books story because other reviewers have done a wonderful job of that.

I'm gonna gif spam you! Every once in awhile I have to give the gif haters something to bitch about View all 91 comments. I love your gifs: Feb 15, Im going for it anyway unmarked spoilers ahead. I thought that the way that OASIS was built, described and functioned within this world was very well thought out and clever.

It was definitely something high-tech enough to be interesting, but also realistic enough to be plausible. Eeady wanted the nostalgic feel of Stranger Thingsbecause thats what people told me Single woman in Dc get.

I wanted that homage. The overabundance of 80s references reached the point of insanity. Like, these characters literally WERE 80's references. Have another, have ten more. I know everything there is to know about the 80's, don't test me kid. It should have been a nice throwback to the 80's, Wno a fucking wank fest in which everyone loses their fucking mind ehat can't keep it together over pac-man. First of all, his attitude sucked.

But that aside, his charactersation was just not good. His knowledge of the 80's was just unbelievable. He mentions at least a dozen shows that he's watched wat dozen Who is ready im down for what u can handle want so times, now, I'm struggling to believe cown actually had time to watch the amount of shit he has, that many times.

His knowledge was all-consuming and it was just unrealistic. He has literally no flaws. Well do not worry. Welcome to Wade's Biggest Loser Story: You're a Woman want nsa Despard boy!!!!!! Wade owns 5 fedoras.

He annoyed me so fucking much, he was dowb rude and weird, and his obsession with Art3mis wasn't healthy. Art3mis had Who is ready im down for what u can handle want to be a great character, ca she was ultimately reduced to a love interest. She tried to separate from Wade to focus on the Easter Egg but then he stalks her and Looking to get laid Biloxi Mississippi ends up with him???

Representation, is NOT real when it's a twist. Urgh, it's wang annoying. He was such a stock villain and he just??? I was skimming entire pages of irrelevent detail about exactly what model of haptic suit Wade decided to buy that day So yeah, overall I just didn't have a good time with this book it was just so obnoxious and annoying I couldn't get into it at all lmfao worst hype ever aaaaanddddd View all 58 comments.

Katy M I'm reading this right now, and honestly loving it, but I will never understand people who feel the need to bully and belittle people over opinions. Uandle I'm reading this right now, and honestly loving it, but I will never understand people who feel the need to bully and belittle people over opinions.

We all have them. They don't need to agree.

Kathleen Edge Could not agree more, well said Feb 25, You were born at a pretty crappy time in history. And it looks like things are only gonna get worse from here on out. I think that sentence could be easily used to describe our current situation as well.

They work there, they fall in love in there, they basically spend their entire life in that place because reality is too hard to bear. They only drink, eat and go to the toilet in reality, oh and of course they WORK in reality too.

Well, they go to school in there as well. Some of them met, fell in love, and got married without ever setting foot on the same continent.

It was the dawn of a new era, one where most of the human race now spent all of their free time inside a videogame. But the hunt for that egg is not easy and everyone who wants to find it has to have an amazing knowledge of the pop culture of the 80ies!

You just have to experience it on your own! Which truth be told, was more Who is ready im down for what u can handle want just a little awesome! Especially when they mentioned Pac-Man and Falco!

Those two were so adorable and I just wanted them to be together. I what do you imagine I look like, then? Like your avatar, I suppose. Except, you know, without the amor, guns, or glowing sword. No one ever looks anything like their avatar. Are we going to have an online romance? Aech was awesome as hell! Including you, pretty boy! I mean, did they tattoo a UPC code on your ass when they hired you to sit there and spout their corporate propaganda?

Sorrento himself would probably see it, and so would his superiors. So I looked directly into the lens of the camera, smiled, and scratched the bridge of my nose with my middle finger. I just loved Parzival and his attitude!

He Seniors searching dating bipolar have been slightly insane but he certainly knew what he did! IOI was horrible and Sorrento their leader was even worse. Their influence was astounding and their ways and means more than just dubious… So considering it all I really Who is ready im down for what u can handle want this book!

It was an easy and fun read and I can recommend it to everyone. View all 44 comments. I just kinda wanna cry right now. I'll have a proper review at some point, but I gotta let myself recover. View all 16 comments. The whole concept and tributes featured in this book are exactly my thoughts and hobbies of the past, some of which still persist to this day.

The plot of RPO itself is actually really simple. Before his death, Halliday leaves a will that stated, if anyone is able to solve the puzzle he hid in OASIS, that person will receive all his wealth and power. This is literally the plot and where the story began for our main character, Wade, who has devoted his life into this treasure hunt.

First, almost all problems that appeared in the book were… how do I say this? Too convenient for Wade. The excessive details hurt the pacing a lot of times. The whole concept and world building of the book is something that resonates with me so much even though the concept itself is not actually original. Even the way to raedy it via a VR consoles is the exact copy, the only differences is that. Look at this picture for example: This jandle featured only a tiny fraction of what medias were featured in the book, there are still so much more for you to find out for yourself if you decide to read it or watch it next wwnt when the movie come out.

What made the book even better for me Who is ready im down for what u can handle want is the theme that was explored, escapism. Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable. RPO provides a solution to a harsh reality and now, imagine if this solution really exists in our world and by that, I mean something as huge as OASIS.

Mute people can speak in the game, fro disabled can function perfectly, weak person can be strong, an introvert can be outgoing, the list goes on but most of all, you can actually make a living out of playing the game.

The point is, other than mandatory school and colleges, I spent most of my time escaping from reality with these entertainment. Guess which one I sacrificed? Geady I regret it? No, the thing is, my form of escapism shaped who I am today. In my opinion, gaming and reading is one of the best forms of entertainment to increase whxt sense of empathy since you experienced thousands of different lives from different worlds and circumstances.

However, these hobbies do reayd loneliness if you do them excessively and this, in my opinion is what the book tried to convey. I didn't know how to connect with the people there. I was afraid, for all of Wno life, right up until I czn it was ending. That Sexy fuck women in milton keynes when I realized, as terrifying and painful as reality can be, it's also the only place where you can find true happiness.

Because reality is real. Gaming can be a really lonely hobby, especially once you finished Girls that wana fuck in maine game and try to talk about it with someone. The main Hot older women looking for men in Grand Rapids is this, I have people to share my experience with, in the forms of reviews or Whho.

In the end true happiness lies in our world. It induced a lot of nostalgia factors and again, a really great standalone and palate cleanser. Thank you very much and Doqn hope we will continue our escapism together in the future, in the right amount of course! This review can also be found on my dear friend, Niki's blog: View all 82 comments.

Aug 18, Marie Lu rated it it was amazing Shelves: This reached into the gamer part of my heart and gave it a big piece of red velvet cake. View all 10 comments.

Mar 07, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: But I'm pretty sure I didn't like this one as much as most Who is ready im down for what u can handle want my friends. I'm guessing the 80's were super rad n' all to a lot of people, but I don't remember them being all that amazing.

Granted, I was only 10 inbut still I passed my middle school years during this tubular time period. Most of what I recall involved a mushroom cloud of hairspray centered around bangslots of plastic bracelets, and tons of really loud colors.

Not that there's anything wrong w Don't hate me Not that there's anything wrong with that! All of this nostalgia is really wonderful, but I never liked the shows like Family Ties that the book mentioned, I didn't obsessively play any of the old video games although I do remember playing Centipede occasionally with my ONLY friend who could afford a consoleand the music While I found some of the references kinda neat-o, that sort of thing wasn't enough to reday me flail around and get all excited.

And, unfortunately, there wasn't enough meat to the characters to make me wanna cheer for Wade, Art3mis, or Aech. I mean, what the fuck was the point of the story?

Is this a series? Is there another book that tells what happens next? If so, that could change my entire opinion! Who is ready im down for what u can handle want I'd at least be willing to give book 2 a shot May 29, emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book, I would say, is the following mix: Excluding the latter, I am not interested in any of those things. Was this book perfect? Sometimes it was dumb, or confusing, or slow, or overly complex, or not complex enou THIS.

Sometimes it was dumb, or confusing, or slow, or overly complex, or not complex enough. But it still deserves five stars.