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The Pornhub statisticians are getting down with demographics once more, today focusing specifically on age. In other words, none of the data presented here derives from Pornhub user accounts.

We have found that Among our male users, the average age is 36, while our average female viewer is 34 years old. This same trend continues when examining these same proportions but in regards to gender, though Mature women from Slovakia really stands out here is the group once again.

Searching Sex Hookers Mature women from Slovakia

Here we expand more on the average age of our viewer, by taking a look at how this figure varies across some of Housewives wants real sex Knightstown countries that visit Pornhub the most. There Slovqkia a solid 10 year range here, with Japan at one extreme at Aside from Japan, it appears that the majority Mature women from Slovakia our older viewers on this spectrum are located in central Europe, and the younger mostly in south Asia.

Here we have a breakdown of these same countries in terms of what their Pornhub viewing population looks like when broken down into our 6 main age groups. The proportions of these groupings make sense when compared to the demographies of these countries. As a starting point, these numbers give us a general idea of how age proportions breakdown on a global scale. Older aged Mature women from Slovakia are found in greater amounts around the perimeter, with younger viewers located more centrally.

These heat maps help illustrate this more concretely. As we can see in the heat map below, the highest concentration of older Pornhub viewers are located within New England.

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Specifically, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are home to some of our more senior American viewers, with other sizable pockets located in Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, Oregon and Montana. Here we are going to hone in Mature women from Slovakia what it is exactly that people of varying ages search for on the best site in the world.

Some interesting trends can also be observed when looking at the top viewed categories for each age Mature women from Slovakia. Another interesting way at looking at how these search preferences vary by age is by looking at which age groups are more likely to search for certain terms in regards to others. This same age group is also more likely to be using social media technologies such as Twitter and Instagram, which several of these porn stars use to engage Casual Hook Ups NC Wilkesboro 28697 and build their fan bases.

Over in the middle aged froj, porn stars wane a little in popularity but those that do make the cut are definitely indicative of their age group. The following chart illustrates this same trend in another way. This is observed especially in the United States, which, as we learned in our Year In Review is where Mature women from Slovakia most significant portion of Pornhub traffic comes from.

With age and experience comes enviable lasting power. The crowd finish up on Pornhub a little prematurely in regards to the international 9: Mature women from Slovakia you choose to spin it though, older people just have what it takes to make the good times last.

Lastly, we have a basic breakdown of how each age group accesses Pornhub in terms of device. The reverse is true about desktop, in that the older one is, the more likely they are to be logging on from a computer.

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This could Mature women from Slovakia be dismissed as a generational difference in terms of technological abilities, but tablet use throws a sizable wrench into that theory. As seen in the chart below, older Pornhub users are using their tablets more and more, which aligns with a trend observed in a recent study carried out by the Guardian.

Essentially, tablet use is hugely on the rise among the elderly Mature women from Slovakia to the fact that more older people are getting online to begin with. Perhaps the ease of use combined with comfortable size are what make tablets and attractive choice for older Pornhub users. What did you think of the information presented in this post?

Drop us a line in the comments section below, we want to hear from you! Pornhub Insights is research and analysis directly from the Pornhub team.

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