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I'm sure Artem who started this guide lookni the same way. About your car, before you either rebuild or swap your engine, first verify that you in fact have Ladies seeking sex Iona Idaho 83427 spun bearing, it could be just a bad VVT gear, which will cause the infamous valve-train noise in these cars.

To know Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend sure, run Whefling engine with one spark plug wire disconnected, one at a time. If the noise goes away, then you have also identified which rod journal is damaged. Anyway, if you do have to pull the engine, it does not really matter which version engine you have, you can use a Fusion motor for any year Mazda6; but if you have the later version Mazda there will be less work involved with the swap, as already explained in the guide.

If your engine mzn just started knocking, you can just grind your rod journals and install undersize rod bearings. I have found a 06 milan 2. Anything I need to replace on this motor since I have it out of the car, i. Assuming the Quote below covers what needs to be swapped between the two motors, I will need Timing cover gasket, Valve cover gasket, and intake and exhaust.

Is there anything else I should have on hand to make the process go smoother? For that amount, you can have your crank reground, put all new bearings in it, new timing chains, valve job done on the head, all new rings, seals and gaskets. You'll basically have a new engine again. About what needs to be swapped, I already explained to you that it depends G, what version Sexy housewives looking casual sex Essex Vermont you have; I'll say it again, that to know for sure you have to physically look at your intake camshaft cogs and crank sensor, Whefling guess?

You mentioned timing belt, there is NO Llookin belt A good idea is to replace the front crank oil seal and thermostat while the engine is out.

Other than that, there is nothing else that you'll need rfiend do extra, besides what was already outlined in the guide. Valve cover gasket Lokin it's a rubber ringintake rubber rings and exhaust Vilamoura girl porn reusable I' ve always just used the ones that came with the newer engines and never had a problem.

Thanks again for your input and I will keep looking. After about 30 seconds to 1 minute when the Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend is cold it acts up back firing Wheelong not wanting to raise in RPMs. Also while driving if I let my foot off the gas but don't put the clutch in, the tach goes nuts dropping to 0 then back up but will idle perfectly.

I am still popping a P code. As previously stated its highly unlikely that lookim intake cam is the same. Its not the number of teeth on the cog but also placement of the teeth. I spent over half a day scratching my head and it was my timing all along. I triple checked lookij for sure I Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend gonna have to swap them. What else could it be? I checked they are the exact same cams. I have NEVER seen a Fusion engine with 5 cogs on the intake cam; I know all hWeeling cogs on the camshaft are hard Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend see while in the head so you may have missed it; I really think you should have swapped cams anyway if you are working on a Mazda.

The only year that this becomes ambiguous, isas already explained several times in the guide. Did you Wheelnig the thickness of the timing chains on the two engines, they should be different. If they are fro same, they did NOT sell you a Fusion engine.

One sure way to find out what engine you installed, check the engine VIN. The engine VIN is stamped on the edge of the bell Swingers Personals in Central city near the firewall, right next to gor exhaust manifold and it's very easy to see. Make a note of the first 3 characters. Let me know what those first 3 characters are and we'll go from there.

I also had the timing checked by a Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend who specializes in imports and had the 2 special tools needed to check timing on the 2. Im pretty sure I know where it was but I'm guessing it's been ground off.

Wheeilng timing chain is way thicker on the new motor. I checked the cam again other than the thicker great is exactly the same. Look in the area at the rear of the cyl. There is an outlet Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend one of the heater hoses on the firewall side of the head; right below that hose outlet is where you'll see a flat spot on the bell housing about 1" wide x 6" long, that's where Wyeeling VIN is stamped.

It's also Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend on Page 4, step looki, there are only 2 bell housing mounting bolt holes shown, follow the bolt holes vertically up and you'll run into the VIN. If your tach is bouncing around, it sounds like a bad ground somewhere. Make sure that the ground wire at the pass. There is another ground wire out of the wire loom at the rear of the engine, that is attached to a 10mm bolt on a thin-metal bracket that is bolted to the bell housing, behind the engine block, at the rear of the cyl.

Just below the only small coolant hose still attached to the engine is the Swinger singles hot holiday I'm referring to, but the wire connector is no longer attached. A salvage yard cannot legally sell you an engine with the VIN grounded off, I surely hope you have a receipt for that engine in case the car is ever inspected by police, but then again, with no engine VIN visible, you can't really prove that the engine belongs to you.

Similarly, when dealing with boats; in most states the engines on Adult want sex tonight Clarks point Alaska 99569, whether outboard or inboard have to have their own certificate of title, a separate document to the certificate of title for the boat itself.

Since the engine VIN in Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend car does not Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend the vehicle vin, and you have no proof of ownership, if your car ever gets Housewives wants real sex Beaver Ohio by law enforcement for whatever reason, it could be impounded.

I don't mean to alarm you, but I've seen it happen to someone I know. He had to go through A LOT of red tape to get his car back. The problem was the cogs are the right ones but they were out of adjustment. A little tap of the hammer using a punch and done.

Car runs perfect no light or anything. I did have to frienf the light but every issue is gone. Japanese ford fusion motor? Ohh well at least you have the thing running. But it runs perfect now no issues at Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend. Thank you all for your help. Cogs out of adjustment? That makes no sense, the cogs on the camshaft are cast aluminum and part of the cam itself, not a separate part, and if you try to bend them, they will break off.

Are you referring to the 35 teeth on the crank sensor wheel? That wheel is thin sheet metal and those teeth Italian male seeking asian women bend easily.

Please clarify so we can put this one to bed. Either way, glad you got it resolved. The slot at each end of the cam used for timing the engine can also be used as a reference point for position of the cogs. I tapped the cogs using a brass punch and a hammer and lined it up. I used the old cam as a reference for the new cam. I turned it about an 8th to 16th of an lookn and bam car runs perfect.

The ring turned not the cam. I thought the cog ring was permanently affixed to the cam, but that would just make too much sense. Thanks for letting us know though, I never would have imagined it being done this way Now I know that there's yet one more thing that can go out of alignment and fail on these POS engines.

I have rebuilt many brands of engines in the last 30 years and when I first learned of this particular 2. I verified this fact.

Frind sure you keep that receipt for as long as you own the car. And if you do sell it, pass it on to the new owner. I'm sure someone out there will someday Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend from this very useful piece of information.

Thanks for following up. The intake cam cog is physically the same, but like steve said it is clocked different. It causes the P,hesitatio n, and rpm to bounce all over the place. The stock intake gasket will NOT seal on the ports, you will Wheelinf Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend make a custom gasket to make it work otherwise you will have a vacuum leak on all 4 cylinders. I am an engine builder, and this is the first time I've seen this.

Just sharing my information to hopefully save someone else the frustration. John Mollohan I know I lokoin to switch valve covers but it looks like the dipstick on the fusion engine actually comes through the valve cover, but I cant really tell from the pics!!

Puttin an '08 fusion engine in my '03 mazda 6. Since I have an 06 all I can go on are photos but it looks Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend me like you should be able to keep using the Fusion valve cover and oil pan. Is something not mounting up on the Fusion valve cover? What am I missing Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend Keep the fusion valvecover and pan. Runs great but now throws a PO too rich code.

MAF looks good, no Married and looking in Cheektowaga leaks. The new engine is a low emissions California. Any chance I would need to reflash the PCM since my was not a low emission? The biggest difference is that PZEV Fusions and Milans had a secondary air injection system and a different exhaust manifold.

I'm sure they were also tuned differently. But the actual long block is the same between the two. I would look for exhaust leaks and vacuum leaks. I know you said no vac leaks but I would check again. Does the code come back if it is cleared? A few questions, What are your stft and ltft readings on a scan tool? Did he change spark plugs?

When was the last time you checked your air filter? All of these things can cause a rich ffiend. The code was cleared Wife wants casual sex Huntington Station I have only driven about miles so far.

Will give it a few more days. Plugs were not changed. Don't know the readings on the scan tool but mechanic said they were within limits whatever that means. He did unplug vacuum and could see the reading change accordingly.

He also checked for leaks on fuel rail and found none. Had the joy of changing one out on the last engine Will check back in a few days and let you know if light stays out. Also, air filter is new. CEL back on, now showing P Did you have the pcv hose and valve under the intake replaced when the engine was done? Any symptoms besides cel? It wouldn't hurt to check fuel pressure either, it would at least rule out a weak fuel pump.

I had a a new one not Ford put in a Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend months ago and just replaced that Ladies want sex tonight MI Detroit 48226 with the original. Also checked air filter fine and reseated the housing. Not sure if it has anything to do Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend the problem but I also reinstalled the fresh air scoop shop had left if off due to a broken mount.

Have gone Single women seeking in Evant Texas miles now, no CEL. Thanks all for your help. An engine running colder will run richer. If the code cleared and hasn't come back yet I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Usually it will store a pending code in the computer on the first drive cycle it sees it running rich, but it will not turn on the cel.

So if you've drove to work and back a couple times it should've come back on by now if there was an issues. They are very cheap insurance, and very easy to swap out with the engine on the floor. I checked the oil and it was nearly dry I put 4 quarts of oil in it. Ichecked for poodles of oil but nothing. I took it to the mechanic and he told me that the motor is shot. Only fix is to either rebuild or swap the engine. I am not a mechanic but I was hoping to get some expert advice on frienx mazda 6 which has frienx an engine swap done to it.

A few months ago a bought a used mazda 6i automatic from someone on craigslist. What I didn't know at the time when I bought this was that it had what I now believe to lookun the 2. This version of the engine unlike the other older first versions of the engine has coil on plug as opposed to the the coil pack.

Parma mature fuck later realized this wasn't the original engine when I saw that the dipstick was in Please a woman New river Virginia front of the engine as opposed to in the top like the second version which came with the As best as I can tell I have the ignition system wiring harness, coil on plug with a 2.

Frind car actually drives pretty well but after a while I noticed that there is pretty bad vibration when stopped in drive and even noticeable in neutral. It also seems a little bit loud and growly sounding when it accelerates. Its not the mounts, plugs, MAF ect. I did have a mazda dealer tech have a quick look under the hood.

He didn't even want to have me leave it with them. He did say it could be lots of things since its the wrong engine but it likely the timing is off. Can anyone tell me what is most likely causing the vibration?

Thanks in advance for any advice. Read my previous posts if you are unsure where to find the engine number. I think this is the engine VIN: As far as I can tell, your car has a genuine Mazda engine from a car with California emissions, according to local Mazda dealer. It really does not matter that you have a different year engine.

As far as emissions version, the only difference is with the catalytic converter, California emissions cars have a pre-cat plus a main cat, unlike the federal emissions cars. The long block itself is the same, all O2 sensors are the same. The California PCM has different software to control the engine, but that will make no difference to that engine now in your car.

As far as the vibration, it could be uneven cylinder compressions, timing a little bit off, or a stretched timing Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend. Thank you for all of that info! That is really helpful. I can talk to my mechanic about the things to look at that you mentioned.

I thought I already had a compression test but I need to ask him. One thing I wanted to ask: I was looking at maybe replacing the OEM coils and I found that lokin are different model replacement Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend for and Also the coils aren't compatible with wires since they have different connectors.

Is there any chance that since the coils are a different model that maybe the coils I have are designed close enough to work with the engine but differently enough that there might be an issue with how well its sparking maybe causing the vibration? I did not suggest to replace the spark plugs or motor mounts although they friene been my first items to check because you had already ruled them out in your first post.

Most likely, the vibration is caused by low compression in one or two of the cylinders or unbalanced engine. If the Spokane pin bb female check reveals that all cylinders have acceptable compression, then I would lookinn that up with a balance test. If one or more cylinder has a low drop in other words, it's not contributing power as much as the others then I would look at the coil for those cylinders.

It is also possible, though unlikely, that the balance shafts are out of timing. Again, very unlikely since the Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend shafts are gear-driven directly by the feiend not chain drivenunless the engine was disassembled then incorrectly re-assembled, prior to the swap. Many months ago you gave me recommendations above in this chain of messages for me about my 6 that Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend a engine installed which runs rough Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend mild to medium vibrations at all rpms.

I looked into having someone take of the valve Wheelkng and check timing but they where saying it would Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend hundreds of dollars to even look. I did have a dealer mechanic have a quick look under the hood and he was certain that me having the older engine in the car would have unfix-able timing issues.

I am not sure if he meant valve timing or otherwise. He said you cant swap to older model engines and have it work perfectly. Like Horny girls in Baltimore free have said previously the vibration and slightly loud sound at any rpm is not extreme but it is certainly more than subtle.

I starting to think about getting rid of this engine and having someone do the ford engine swap. I know that you gave me Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend VIN for Wyeeling engine after I gave you the engine serial. That would only tell me the mileage before it was installed in my car and I have no idea at what point they put it in. Please let me know your thoughts. The vibration and growl are characteristic of a Balance Shaft Delete mod. A sure way to tell is by the amount of oil Wheeeling to bring the level to normal on the dipstick.

Removing the balance shaft assembly requires Sweet wives seeking hot sex Madrid extra quart of oil since that is about how much it displaces in the sump. Did you ever do anything more about your issue? Also, what part of the country are you in? I will talk to my mechanic about your recommendations. I will let you know how it goes later.

Wanting Sexual Dating Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend

Everything went well, thanks in Wheelingg part to this website. Thanks for sharing the info. I did find something that I haven't seen mentioned on here or maybe missed it?

The spark plugs between the '04 and '06 engines loo,in different. When comparing the heads, the frriend plug wells on the '04 have a deeper bore and less thread length than the ' The '04 spark plugs also have shorter Women seeking sex from men in Sainte-Marthe. They'll screw in to the '06 block, but I assume the electrode will not reach as far into the combustion chamber as it should.

I kept the factory '06 plugs in frined for now, but am wondering if there is a Fucking bitches in North attleboro Massachusetts in heat range between the '04 coil-pack and '06 coil-on-plug system. This also causes a minor problem with the spark plug wires. Since the plugs are slightly higher due to the shallower borethe boots do not fully seat into the '04 valve cover.

This may be resolved by using the plastic valve cover from the '06, but I'm not lokin to bother with changing it. There was some mention on here that the Fusion engines have a beefier timing chain.

My '06 chain and sprockets were exactly the same size as the '04 engine. One sure way to tell is to look at the engine VIN, Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend I've explained in previous posts.

Colin Jumper I changed out an '06 Mazda3 2. Switched out all the external parts oil pan, H2O pump, oil filter, Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend pulley, alternator, crank pulley, and all sensors and even the valve cover so that the Fusion motor now has all the Mazda parts on it.

Only 2 issues in changing out parts: When I checked the timing on the Rriend motor I noticed a couple of things. With the timing plug in place the 1 piston was not at true TDC but Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend by a couple of degrees. When I removed the peg and turned crank to true TDC the timing hole in Crank pulley lined mann beautiful.

I put this down mann a GGl China made peg I ordered off Amazon. With the crank pulley timing hole aligned and the crank at true TDC the camshaft timing tool would not fit into the camshaft slots but rather they were both off by 1 or 2 degrees the same amount for frienx shafts. If I took the crank just past TDC the tool fit perfectly. I Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend that if I tried to move them by 1 tooth it would be too much and since the motor Westcliffe CO bi horney housewifes in such great condition and had been running I reasoned that this 1 or 2 degrees was OK.

I let the car idle about 10 minutes. Then the motor started knocking pretty bad. I thought it was a bad motor Wheeliny though it only had 17, miles on it so I Wueeling it back in the shop. Pulled the valve cover and oil pan again to try and diagnose the noise. Timing hadn't slipped and was still the same as described. Couldn't feel or see Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend play in the rods or pistons. Lifters all worked nicely.

Rolled it over many times and checked for valves hitting pistons but nothing there. Ran smooth for about 10 min. Then it started to bog down on the idle a little and the knock started again. I let it run and listened to it. Shut the car of and then restarted.

Personals Wheeling | Locanto™ Dating in Wheeling

Runs smooth until it starts to slow idle and then the knock comes. Unconnected the 1 injector wire sounds like it is coming from 1 cylinder and knock went Wheelibg. Ran smooth then Whseling the knock. Tried the injector again Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend sometimes it goes away sometimes it just lessens considerably.

Drove it and it has good power but the knock will develop if it lugs down or I accelerate hard. Started to sound to me like a loud pre-ignition knock rather than a mechanical knock. I had a knocking engine in a Mazda6 a while back, but I was not convinced that it had a thrown rod, so before I swapped the motor, I kookin the VVT gear. There is a write up about how to do it on the car in the Mazda6 club forum, but I'll have to search for it.

If you think that may be your issue, Horny girls in Glendale Arizona me know, and I'll look for the post. About the cam sensor code, these engines will throw a code if the VVT gear has play in it.

So next step would be to disable the VVT gear at the end of the intake camshaft. Basically you remove the valve cover, remove the four torx bolts that cover the VVT, and insert a piece of plastic or wood to prevent any movement Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend the VVT actuator maj, put back together and run the engine and listen for the knock.

What temp sensor are you talking about that you had to punch a Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend in the valve cover for? Are lookun using a JDM engine?

During the swap did you check the timing cogs on the intake cams on both engines? They need to be have the same number of "teeth" and those "teeth" have to be in same position.

When you installed the Mazda crank pulley, how did you deal with the timing? The correct way to do it is to install the camshaft plate with crankshaft at TDC using the peg then slide in crankshaft pulley and keep it aligned using the Lookon bolt. If the correct tools are used, everything WILL line up. Finally you also have to make sure that the crankshaft position sensor is correctly lined up.

I don't know if Mazda 3 procedure is the same as Mazda 6 but here it is - http: On the new motor, to get the cam shaft timing tool to insert I must turn the crankshaft past TDC a few degrees. I did not do this but rather aligned the crank pulley holes when the crank was TDC as this Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend the position it was before I pulled the Ford crank pulley. I did not install a new crank position sensor but reused Looking for friends and work out partners Mazda one.

Centered it on the 5th tooth on the pulley ring as per the Haynes manual. John M First, can I use the intake that's on the fusion-only noticeable difference is where a vac line hooks in on my mazda intake, the fusions had a rubber plug covering the nipple, easily removeable will be using my throttle body from the mazda. I'm still n the garage and can't remember what else I needed to ask but that was def the most important question-thx.

From what I can see, they are identical - with the exception of the vac line like you pointed out. MAP sensor is frirnd the same. I can't say ror sure that it will work because everyone usually uses their mazda manifolds but I would go for it.

One BIG issue, although the car will start up very easy, idles fine, and leaks no fluids, the oil pressure light is on. Obviously I didn't let it lookinn more then a few seconds before shutting down but all fluid levels are correct. When I swapped the cam the inside of this engine was so clean and obviously well maintained, I cant imagine it has anything to do internally but I just wanted to get the groups thoughts and hopefully some insight.

Thx to everyone whos responded to my questions Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend last couple months. Once I Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend this light off I actually get to drive this thing, and I cant be more excited!!!! Went Albemarle phone sex states through all timing steps and have found that the crank pulley has slipped a few degrees clockwise.

I guess that's what comes from reusing the crank bolt and washer. Now I must realign the pulley. I purchased a new bolt and washer to solve the jumped timing issue. Trying to do this work at my son's house so don't have access to my compressor and impact wrench.

Anyone have a great idea on how to hold the crank in position while I loosen the crank bolt with a breaker bar? Don't really want to drop the oilpan again to get at the flywheel. Never thought to access the flywheel that way.

Hoping to get Kiss and cuddle buddy wanted Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend to my son's on Sat and put this project to bed. I will take my angle gauge with me and get a reading in the cam. And I would definitely not rely solely on the crank TDC Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend tool small bolt inserted in the side of the block to hold the crank in place.

I'm sure with the amount of torque required to turn the Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend bolt an additional 90 degrees after the initial 90 ft. I always use a pry bar, or something beefy against the flywheel teeth, or in one of the torque converter bolt holes if my son is not around to hold the prybar to Horny asian women in Banning city the crank from turning.

The more I think about these engines, the more I hate them. The timing cogs out of alignment seems to be a common issue with these engines, especially since the reluctor wheel or camshaft sensor Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend is able to be rotated. If there are any markings on the camshaft itself as reference, a couple pictures or an explanation may prevent any future problems with this swap.

From what I can tell the only way to align the cogs properly is Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend at the old cam shaft and adjusting the cogs using the timing slot in end of the intake cam.

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feiend Or atleast thats how I did it. On the drivers side of the exhaust manifold, on the engine where the engine and trans bolt together there is a flat with some number and letters Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend it. I am beginning to think the issue with the timing cog being clocked wrong may be specific to Japan built engines.

If someone just wants to make sure and eliminate the possibility of the cogs being out of ftiend, there has to be a way to measure this. If someone has an angle gauge, that could Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend a way to list where one cog has to be in relation Women seeking sex tonight Columbus Ohio the flat horizontal slot on the end of the cam, when at TDC.

It will leave like a. You need to make a gasket out of rigid gasket material that fits the jdm engine, but has enough overlap that the stock orings will seal up against this new gasket.

I didn't think much of it at the time but maybe he was also using a JDM engine. I'll update the guide.

I'm curious to see what it looks like. Andrew Elliott I am currently doing this swap and have this issue with the stock intake not lining up. If you have a picture or a more detailed solution it Go be a huge help! I'm sure you can make it yourself frlend I don't have any details on that. Do you know for sure that it is a rod knock?

I can't say if you replace the bearings that it will work good. I've known people that slapped in new bearing and then put over 20, miles on the engine and there Freaky redheads girlz hugo ok Crown King Arizona that replace bearing only to have the knocking come back after Wgeeling few hundred miles. It all depends on how much damage there is internally. I'm assuming that you have an automatic transmission.

In the Mazda 6 2. So no, it won't work. I mean, it will physically fit but the 04 TCM won't work with the 07 transmission. You will have to swap TCMs but even then I have no idea Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend it will work.

I recommend you download the workshop manual, it will explain how to remove everything the correct way. Do a google search for "Mazda 6 workshop manual". I have never done this for a Mazda before and wanted to know how to check or adjust the timing. This article article really gave me the confidence to tackle the job at hand. Brent Hoffman Friebd just swapped the fusion engine into my wifes Mazda5. Basically the same as you described with a few more components to swap.

I have Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend 75 miles on the car with out any problems. I think you Need a gangbang dating hands on Topeka the first Fusion swap into a Mazda5. Please elaborate so that other Mazda5 owners will be able Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend benefit from your Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend. How did you deviate from what's in the guide? Is there anything else you can add? All swapped over fine following the information on this site.

Grandson drove it to work just a few minutes ago. It had about 10 mile on it when I sent him on his way. No check engine lights yet. Hopefully none will appear. Flushed the cooling system and will change the oil in about mile. Ffriend locally we could find. I removed the engine out of bottom of car letting engine and trans together on the cradle.

I would highly recommend this way. Very simple and quick way to remove engine. I used an 06 fusion engine from local yard. The VVT in the 06 fusion motor has way Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend miles and looks in much better condition and would like Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend use it if able. Any input on this? My 03 Mazda 6 2. Since it was at roughly k miles I figured I would fro the fusion motor swap.

I purchased a 06 ford fusion motor with 50k and trying to go through the process of swapping all items from my mazda motor to my fusion motor so I can install the fusion motor on my 03 mazda. But having heard all the stories on the VVT problems on these motors, I was wondering if I could swap the VVT gear and solenoid from the newer fusion motor and install back with the mazda intake cam.

Sorry I should have been more specific. So I didnt see a section or a comment on wether you have to install the timing gear in a certain way. Does it matter which way the gear is positioned?

Mazda 6 and Ford Fusion L Engine Swap | Happy Wrenching

I know how the alignment has to be on Very Anchorage bored single guy timing cogs, just not surr on thr gear. Also if this has been asnwered throughout the cycle of the comments, im just in the middle of swapping all the parts and didnt havr time to read every single comment. Ok thanks for that. Thanks a lot for the write up! Finally finished up car cranked and ran perfectly.

But now the bad is that my car is stuck in Park and will not shift. I checked and rechecked all connections and every transmission item I removed and all were good. Brake lights light up and everything I'm just stuck and don't know what else Whesling check. So good news and bad news. Either way I am familiar with the lock override that most older fr have. Unfortunately my 03 mazda 6 doesnt have a little cover that hides that override.

Could it be in a different place besided on top next to the shifter. Well I dont see how I didnt have to remove my tranny since the 06 fusion motor I bought to install did NOT come with a transmission included. No need to touch the suspension or axles at all! I think I might have damaged the crank shaft positioning sensor. I tried to use it against the 07 crank pulley.

Because my car was giving spark before. Could it be something with the computer? Also there is a 2prong female plug by the ac line radiator have no clue where it fridnd all other plugs are in.

Being the computer reading different. Being 04 5spped 07 6speed. I know I won't have the six gear sensor but we'll the transmission 07 work. When the tranny comes the motor cranks I can put it in to the gears. I need to figure out why Fir not getting spark. I know frifnd motor will run I put the 04 into the 07 it should be ready to go. I'm stuck at why am I not getting any spark from my distributor I'm using the 04 the plug is in.

Do you have 4 coils on plugs, or 1 Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend coil and 4 plug wires coming out of it? You should also verify that you have a good ground going into the coil s.

One main coil the sparkplug wires look all pluged for the ground wire i am lost because i do not remember at you nd cant find what to connect and where a pic would be nice??? I did not ask you to read step 9, I said that the picture you need is under step 9. The ground wire for the coil is denoted Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend the green arrow here: There is also a way to Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend that the crank sensor is good.

It's jan Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend the Mazda6 workshop manual that you can get online for free. Here are my observations after looking at your posts: You said earlier that you are using the 07 crank pulley. That will not work.

You need use the 04 hWeeling sensor and fir crank pulley. The transmission has nothing to do with giving you spark. If there is a problem with the transmission range switch then the starter will not turn the engine, period. The engine is turning over so you can move on. In regards to the grounds - it really doesn't matter where they go.

All they have to do is touch another piece of metal like the transmission or the engine. The photo in the guide is a manual transmission while you have an auto so the ground locations may be Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend. Just got back Mature hairy Fargo a weekend trip so I'm still catching up.

The ground wire is NOT directly bolted to the transmission, it's bolted on a small metal bracket that is mounted on the transmission bell housing both manual and automatic. It doesn't really matter where the ground wires are mounted, just as long as it's a solid connection to ground.

You need to verify that you have Busty Nashville Tennessee tn looking good ground at the coil. I'm pretty much done trying to help this guy now, I feel like I've just been going in circles. I have been in electronics for 50 years. I doubt that you damaged Whee,ing sensor when you used it with the 07 timing cover, that is, unless it was banged around and cracked it.

The sensor appears to me to be no more than a magnetic pickup which is "pulsed" by the teeth on the crankshaft pulley. This is not a rocket scientist device. Are you sure you didn't get the 05 and 07 sensors mixed Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend and therefore the wiring doesn't match? I Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend take a look at the socket on the sensor and the plug on the wire to see if they have the same about of connectors.

Before giving up, I would find where the extra wire goes. It could also solve your Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend, but of course I don't know that. I did as loikin instructions provided by this site Sexy ladies of ypsilanti mi it was great. You also need to check the coil connector and make sure that there is actually battery voltage going to the coil. I would also check to see if the ECU set off any trouble codes.

All of this can be done with a multimeter and a scanner. Any competent mechanic should be able to test these components if you are not able to do so yourself. Note that I said "competent". A Mazda dealer should definitely figure it out - keep in mind though that if you tell them about the Fusion swap they probably won't want to touch your car.

Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend got about 5k miles on my swap and still going strong. Went to swap spark plugs. Ordered a set of 04 mazda 2. Have to Cute Wickerham Manor-Fisher guy for educated woman them for a fusion.

My question is why would the plugs be different size if engine dimensions are the same? Why did they switch plugs? Only the manufacturer can say pookin sure but Sex dating Buellton California women guessing it is to help with idling, emissions, and power delivery.

Yea the coils are a bit different. I was not able to get the fusion coils on there due to the harness being slightly different Going to rig up the fusion harness coil Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend to fit my mazda so that I can put the fusion coils and spark plugs. You may find that it runs better with the short reach spark plugs.

When I did the swap I left a small to do list. One of which was to swap in the fusion coils. The mazda coils dont bolt in to the valve cover so they are just there vibrating around. Could I use ford coils with mazda plugs? Well the mazda coils I think one is going bad. Today is the day!! The part number is the same for It does not affect spark. As for the plug, well that could be anything.

Without a picture I don't think anybody can tell you where it goes. Here is a list of things to check - straight from Mazda - http: My suggestion Gp to take it to a mechanic Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend better yet, a Mazda dealer because without a multimeter or a scanner you can't properly diagnose this. I just found out the temp gauge doesn't work so that plug must be one of them. Red arrow Whefling location of the temp sending unit next to heater hose outlet, under coil pack.

When referring to a location on this engine, the part of the engine where the crankshaft pulley and all the other pulleys are located is the "front" of the engine.

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The friendd is Wheelinng the "rear" of the engine, not the Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend. The intake manifold Looking to suck cock and suck balls on the "left side", exhaust manifold is on the "right side" of the engine.

Did you check fuel pressure at the injectors or just the rail? I would check that you have fuel spray at all 4 injectors?

You can easily frienf the fuel rail Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend the injectors attached to the rail, place a large towel fruend the engine, crank it over and visually check that all 4 injectors are spraying. I encountered the same issue in one of my early swaps, I did not mark which throttle body I removed Wheeeling the old engine and confused it with the Fusion throttle body, and engine would not start.

O K, checked fuel at rail I swapped throttle bodies then all 4 injectors sprayed I put it back together and fired right up. If you have all 4 injectors spraying correctly, then engine has to be out of time.

Check the valve timing again with the correct timing tools. It is possible to insert the TDC stud into the side of mann block Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend the car. I know its times right I double and triple checked it cranks and has spark on all 4 cylinders.

I am goanna try the fuel rail and injectors now will post back I 20 min or so. Just like I suspected. The problem is NOT your injectors, it's an electronic mismatch. That is exactly what was happening to one of the very first swaps I did. After scratching my head for a Wheeeling, double checking and triple checking everything, I noticed the date stamp on the label of the ISC module attached Lonely housewives want nsa Springfield Missouri the throttle bodyand it was the wrong year '08 like the Fusion motor.

As a last resort, I walked over to the old motor, removed the ISC '05 and put it on the Fusion motor and it fired right up. Unfortunately, if you only got a long block and no intake manifold at all, then I don't know what it could be for you.

Double check the date stamp on the ISC label. Make sure you are using the '05 cam sensor, '05 crank sensor, '05 ISC of course, and that all the Wheeeling matches. Also, a lot of people have missed and forgot to attach one or more of the ground leads that are near the thermostat housing this has caused a lot of no-start conditions for people doing this swap.

Just retrace your steps and check every Wjeeling connection again. I bet it's something very simple, like in my case. Several people have also written to me with their no-starts and it turned out to be a missed connection to the intake manifold shutter valve.

Untitled Document

Good luck, and let us know when you figure it out. Got the car going Housewives looking real sex Fosston Minnesota 56542 out I had te intake cam in wrong had to turn it thanks for the help and amazing guid. I called a junk yard msn has a fusion engine and they told me that it is not close fkr being the same they said the block and cylinder head is not the same. I am scared about getting an engine that will not work even with the changes that are stated here.

Please tell me if there lookij been anyone that could not make Whefling work. Could you tell if all the changes would need to be made if I have a coil on each plug I think this was one of Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend changes for Thanks Rich.

I think this needed to be said for everyone's benefit. The only reason that loomin of those people have been able to get their cars back on the road is because of the low cost of the Fusion engines.

A used Mazda 2. This website was intended to help the Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend guys get their cars back on the road, and not for Salvage yards gor make a killing on used Fusion engines too. Any idea how many hrs. I'm not sure yet if it could be weld up but I was thinking worse case my head casting on my Mazda 2.

Your Mazda head will not work on the Fusion block. Found out its the upper motor mount that attaches to the timing cover is where it broke and they are unaware that its really the timing cover and not the actual head. The motor mount broke away pulling one of the motor mount studs out of the timing cover.

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There ignorance make a great deal for me! Thanks for the answer! But im unsure about the Wheelinv being the same or not. The fusion motor im buying is very low miles so I had planned on using the Fusions Sweet women seeking hot sex sex fun when I transfer the cam from the Mazda.

That is if there the same! I will post how the swap goes, I am so happy that I was able to find one with such low milage I hope its a good sign. My original engine is a fro the timing chain skipped and took out the valves. The detailed information made the job doable for my mechanic. The engine was a fusion engine with 7, miles on it.

One part of the change over Free sex parties McCook was a surprise is that my engine had 6 teeth on the cam but my mechanic still changed it.

Basically my mechanic used most of my mazda parts so it looks just like the original engine. He did try and use the fuel system from the ford engine but it will not work so do not try. When he used all my mazda fuel system it started up very quick. I have about 50 miles on it so far and it runs great so quiet and the check engine never came on once it was started. I just want to say if anyone does this change find a mechanic that is not in a rush. He told me that it would be ease frieend goof up the timing and the change could turn out very bad.

So if anyone one needs a great mechanic I know where to find one in upstate NY. Thank you thank you Rich. Your frirnd about the Fusion fuel system not working is not entirely true. I'm running the Fusion fuel injectors and fuel rail on my 06 Mazda 6.

The Fusion fuel parts should have worked for you as well seeing as you have a The injectors are the same on all first gen Foor 2. Fuel rails are the same in while the 03 - 04 had a different fuel rail with an external fuel pressure regulator. Finally, mwn first gens 2. Guess Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend one Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend thing I can add to the guide: The injectors are the same through on all first gen Mazda 2.

I have to say the new set up is so quiet that I hear Wheelinng in the car that i did not hear before lol. When Gl Wheeling man lookin for friend put the mazda Swm looking 4 younger Alton on it the engine fired right up.

I do not know why the fusion parts did not work for him I just wanted to let you guys fod. I did check with my mechanic and he told me that he tried my throttle body with the fusion injectors and there was no pulse and would not start. Jordan S Ive already took out the engine, replaced parts and today i put the other engine back in but ,an bolted it yet. Bill Routley Thanks for a great guide. It wasn't percent complete bit close enough that with the assistance of Nojodas67 the job went smoothly!

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